Software Solutions

Custom solutions tailored
to your business needs.

Custom solutions tailored to your business needs. Our Key Expertise in the following:

  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • Business Units Workflow Automation
  • IOT device management and monitoring

Latest Projects


MONXPERT (Monitor for Operating Networks) is a platform that is designed to monitor IT Infrastructure, Lab, Manufacturing Devices, and Instruments.


AIM is the business operation platform that allows to digitize and connect every process of your company in the single console.


LAND (Lightweight Admin Network Desk) HELPDESK Platform Build to supercharge your IT team, designed for Small To Medium Size Businesses.


MSD2SoftMax Solution designed for Healthcare, Chemical and Biotechnology sectors, provides controlled and effective way to convert and move data from MSD output file/repository to SoftMaxPro file/repository.

Mailman ++

Mailman is open-source software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists. With the designed add-on, the Mailman system is converted into a complete enterprise solution that can address unlimited email needs for the marketing groups.

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