ALFATEK Team offers
the following security programs

Corporate Perimeter Security

As part of the Corporate Perimeter Security, ALFATEK experts identify potential weakness of existing physical and electronic security systems. The scope of the security assessment includes all components of existing systems and operations.

The Assessment phases:

Phase 1
  • Review of existing SOP to highlight gaps and threats.
  • Review Physical Security and Staff qualification.
  • Review Electronic Security Architecture and Design.
  • Review Physical Premises and Emergency Policies.
Phase 2
  • Create recommendations for Risks mitigation.
  • Define Building Security SOP Policies.
  • Recommend on Security Architecture Design.
  • Create Corporate Security Programs for Staff Evacuation and Location Disaster Recovery.
  • Active Shooter Prevention & response training.
  • Building Security Training.
  • Peace Officer Security Training & Development (POST)
  • Crisis Management Training (CMT)

Information Security Services

ALFATEK’s Security Assessment services help organizations in timely identification of vulnerabilities, evaluating the risk, and taking of remedial measures to find and fix security vulnerabilities within their Public and Private networks.

The Assessment phases:

Phase 1: Information Risk Assessment
  • GAP Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Penetration Test
  • Application Security Scan
Phase 2: Risk Mitigating
  • Enforcing Information Security Policies & Processes
  • Recommendations for mitigations
  • Contingency Plan
Phase 3: Security Implementation
  • Establishment of Secure Architecture
  • Implementation of Security Defense Mechanisms
  • Drafting Policies and Procedures
  • Preparing for compliance certification audits (SOC2, ISO27001, Common Criteria, FIPS140-2)
  • Cloud security (compliance and best practices for AWS, Azure, GCP and other)

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