Affiliate Program

ALFATEK Corp offers the ultimate affiliate program for the individuals and businesses.

By referring us, you are earning a commission on per sale basis, ongoing engagement is subject to reoccurring payouts. Currently, affiliate program only available for the following services:

Technology services

IT Managed Services, Application Development Services, Website Development Services, BIG DATA Services

Security services

Corporate Perimeter Security, Information Security Services

Business services

Extended Hardware warranties, SEO and Marketing Solutions.

Software solutions

Automation for Information Management, Device Monitoring Solution, Lightway Admin Network Desk, MSD2SOFTMAX Converter

Join the ALFATEK affiliate program and earn thousands of dollars in commissions for the services provided by us

Our commission base varies from project to project depending on the difficulty we encounter during the project execution. Our management team entirely control the range of the commissions, and it is ranging anywhere from 10-20% of the final invoice. If referred engagement is an ongoing monthly activity, commission payout is processed every month. The commission payout initiated when the full payment is received, and the client signs off on the project completion.

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Work Process

Let’s summarize

1. Enrolment

Free, with no annual fees or commitment

2. Service Range

Large variety of services to refer, more possibility to suggest and make a commission.

3. Commission Range

From 10-20% of the full project payment.

4. Unlimited Earnings

Our project price range anywhere from 100-500K. No matter how big or small the project is, you still earn a commission on per sale basis.

5. Payout Initiated

Once ALFATEK receives full payment from the client on a completed project, you'll receive an inquiry from our finance department on payment processing to your account. Our preferred payment processors are PayPal, or corporate check in the mail.

How does it work?

How our Affiliate work ?

Once you submit “AFFILIATE PARTICIPATION FORM” you would get email from us with W9 and the contract form that needs to be filled and filed with ALFATEK sales via

What's next?

All of your information submitted will be stored in a secure location for the 1099 form filings. Again, you are responsible for your state taxes.

Do you some tools for referals?

If you a company with public facing webpage, you can specify interest in publishing referral web form so your clients would be directed over to inquiry page that custom for you

Can I have the personal refearal link?

Yes, for example This form will help us track your participation and understand where inquiry for service came from.

Affiliate Participation Form

Free Consultation

ALFATEK would like to offer you a completely free, no-obligation consultation. It’s an excellent way for us to learn more about your organization, you can let us know about your unique requirements, and we’ll be able to share affordable pricing information for a customized live support plan that suits your business. Simply fill out the form below or email, and we’ll be happy to help.

Give us a call or email. We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.