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IT Service Management

ALFATEK IT expert team designs, maintains and operates for our customers their client-server infrastructure and systems running in Cloud, Hybrid, and Native mode by using a wide variety of tools supported by clients.

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Application Services

Our team constantly delivers mobile applications and custom solutions quickly, consistently, and within the budget that addresses clients' internal or public-facing workflows and procedures.

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Support & Maintenance Services

To monitor 24/7 your corporate infrastructure and provide support. To prevent corporate data loss and mitigate data leaks to meet requirements.

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Business assistance and support services

Our team can assist any business who wants to offload maintenance, integrations and many other IT tasks to free up in-house staff to focus on new IT responsibilities.

PII Data Scan Prevents corporate data loss and mitigate data leaks to meet compliance requirements.
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Security Services As part of the Corporate Perimeter Security, ALFATEK experts identify potential weakness of existing physical and electronic security systems.
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Software Solutions Address clients' unique needs by crafting fully custom solutions that are not available on the marketplace.
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ALFATEK help you build and scale new digital capabilities

ALFATEK focuses on the client's tasks by identifying business processes, strategies, and improvements that benefit the client's environment. ALFATEK is founded upon decades of experience in an array of industries, including:

  • IT Project Management
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Backend System Management
  • Custom Software and Solution Development
  • Cybersecurity

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